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Without your support, The Digital Painter could not have come this far and thrived.  The site will remain free from here on out, but how much content I am able to provide will be up to you.  If you enjoy the content, consider donating a small amount of money that will go towards web hosting, video hosting and downloads, and general web management.  Thank you again, and enjoy The Digital Painter.

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A big thank you to those that currently support the Digital Painter.  Without you this site would not be possible.  You help to keep the hamsters running in the background and allow me to provide the content that you desire.  Big Thank You!

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Video Tutorials

The majority of the site is dedicated to my free video tutorials.  Since May 2014 I’ve been sharing my knowledge of digital painting programs.  My free tutorials range from quick introductions to programs, like Auryn Ink to more in depth coverage of programs, including ArtRage for the Desktop.  So why don’t you begin exploring today!

Blog Posts

My very first blog post dealt with a theatre production I had been working on in 2013.  Two years later and my posts are focused on digital art and general design.  You can find good information on reference images and reviews on iPad accessories.


For those that like to listen to a bit more than morning radio on the way to work, you can always tune in to my weekly podcast.  Each week I bring a little bit of insight, and a little bit of encouragement as we all continue our artistic journeys.

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