Drawn by Ray Martin

Drawn by Ray Martin

As I prepare for the Kennedy Center American Theatre Conference in West Chester, Pennsylvania, I wanted to share some art with you.

But this time, it’s not my art.

Ray Martin sent me an email earlier this month letting me know that he was working on 10 Days of Creativity.  If you didn’t get a chance, I spent 10 days leading up to Christmas doing at least one thing creative each day.  Check out the first day if you haven’t already.

Anyways, Ray sent me a couple of the pieces he worked on over the 10 days, and I thought I’d share them with you, along with getting Ray to open up a bit about his painting.  So lets start by meeting Ray.

Longevity in Art

How long have you been actively doing art?

I’ve been doing art since I was a kid. I’ve got 2 and a 1/2 years to be 70.

How long have you been working in the digital medium?

I’ve had painter 11 but didn’t understand it or a computer.I’ve been doing serious digital painting for about 4 years.

What do you like about Corel Painter and why?

I love doing all my painting with pixels in painter. 2016 is the best of all of them because of the brushes and custom palettes etc. You can control just about everything.

Drawn by Ray Martin

Drawn by Ray Martin

What specific tools did you use for your images?  (Pencil, pen, etc.)

This brush I made in Painter 2016 with ABR brush. I’ve made over 200 different brushes.Great fun!!!

Have you used any other digital art programs?  If so, which ones, and what do you like/dislike about them.

Photoshop – I find it very hard to use, way over my head – not people friendly.I learned more in Painter that helped me understand things in PS. Procreate(Love this for my IPad), Artrage and a few others.

Do you have a favorite digital artist and if so, who?

Karen Bonaker for her loose style. Tim Shelburn(England), his contrast of values with a simple palette.

Drawn by Ray Martin

Drawn by Ray Martin

Describe the perfect day doing digital art.

To finish a few paintings.

And finally, why draw my ugly mug?

I draw people who have such great smiles and great expressions – you are one of them.

Simple Fun

I have to say I really enjoyed learning a bit about Ray and seeing his creations.  Though he didn’t get through all 10 yet, it’s exciting to see other people inspired to create.  I sometimes get a bit bored with only seeing my work, and have found that by searching other peoples work, and enjoying art for art’s sake, it reinvigorates me.  It pushes me to create more.

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