Choosing the right colors for a project is always the toughest part for me.  I can usually get a sketch down, worked out, looking good, but then I have to figure out what I want to do from that.  And usually I go through several iterations before finding just the right colors.

Luckily Procreate’s color wheel makes it simple once you’ve decided on the right colors.

Color Wheel, Palettes and Hex Codes

Since the latest update from Procreate, the color wheel has become a joy to use.  Originally it was fairly simple.  Not a lot of fuss, but did the job it was expected to do.  But as the program grew, so did the need for a better color wheel.  Something similar to what you see in Photoshop or ArtRage for the desktop.

And they pulled it off!

Not only do we get a color wheel that works seamlessly within the program, but we get the ability to create our own palettes, download and upload palettes and even choose colors based on hex codes.  Though many people may not need all those options, it’s nice to know that Procreate was able to incorporate them without it being a detriment to the speed and simplicity of the program.

And the new color picker tool is makes creating a palette from a previous image wonderfully easy.  You can look at the old masters, choose the main colors they used and then create a new painting that has the same harmonious feel.

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