Well, the vacation is finally wearing off.  The sun tan won’t last forever.

But, my excite continues to grow!

Procreate has come out with a new update, and it amazes me.  One that has tools that many artists have been wishing for.  This is what I find so amazing about some of these companies.

Their ability to listen to their consumer!

What Is So Special?

Well, first off, they’ve added the ability to drop colors that fill in areas.  Yes, I know, a paint bucket tool.  But not like one you’ve seen before.  You can adjust the fill expansion on the fly.  Something that I find incredibly interesting.

And color palettes!

Yes, you now can create multiple color palettes.  According to the makers of Procreate, there is no inherent limit.

And you can share them!

Forgive the Excitement

It’s just so nice to see a company that listens.  Which doesn’t happen all the time.  So take a peak at the tutorial and tell me what your favorite new tool is.

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