Some of my favorite tutorials are when I get to answer a question from one of you.  And so this weeks tutorial comes straight from a request from someone actively using ArtRage for the Desktop.

The question deals with the sticker spray, and comes from Ellie, who I previously mentioned in an the iPastels Tutorial – Getting Your Fingers Dirty, Digitally.  She writes:

Hi Terry, Your ArtRage for the PC tutorials are really helping and I was wondering if you could explain the advanced settings for brushes. For example, when I select a sticker spray brush and go into settings and click on spray variation, a chart pops up with little green circles in rows and columns. The rows have things like L Tracing and H Tracing, saturation etc. I have no idea what most of that means and I was wondering if you could have a YouTube video explaining that chart and what all that stuff means. Also, how to adjust brushes with that chart. I am trying to create a brush that mimics a toothbrush spray for stars, gravel, etc. and I want a sparse spray, but I can’t figure out how to get it. In the presets the dots spray too close together. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

So, this weeks tutorial deals with exactly that.  This will be a two part tutorial, as there is a ton of information to cover.  So make sure to check back next week for the second part in this set.

And if you have something you want me to cover, make sure to send me an email, mention it on the Facebook page or tweet at me on Twitter.  Enjoy.

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