We finally get to play with what makes ArtRage so awesome.  The actual tools.  And in today’s tutorial, we’re going to cover the chalk stick, crayon and felt tip pen.  All three do different things and all of them are a joy to work with.

The next couple of tutorials will cover all of the tools that you can use to create artwork in ArtRage.  I encourage you to play with all the tools, and get a feel for what they can do on their own.  At the end of this section, we will see what they can do when you start having them work together.

And that’s one of the coolest things about this program.  In the real world, you couldn’t mix oil paint and water color.  But in this digital world, anything is possible if you just play with it.

But for now, enjoy getting to know the tools, and stay tuned for more fun here at The Theatre Professor.com!

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