This week we move from the simple tools of crayons and chalk sticks, to the complicated world of ink pens and pencils.  Alright, you got me there, pencils are not all that complicated.

But they are a ton of fun to work with.

When it comes to art, most of us tend to sketch out our ideas.  And two of the three tools this week will help with that sketching.

Versatility in the Tip

The pencil is both versatile and well-known.  We all start with a pencil in our hand before we go further while learning to draw.  So at the very least, the idea of a pencil is ingrained in our heads.

And this pencil is no different.

But the way you use it is.  A pencil in the real world will wear down and go dull.  Not so in the digital world.

Instead we can focus on the drawing, and not on whether we need to sharpen our tool again.

Inking is Easy

And the inking pen tool makes inking much more pleasant than the natural media.  Couple it with the ability to undo and you have a tool that allows for mistakes.

And as I tell my students, mistakes are good.  They allow you to learn.

So sit back and enjoy another Theatre Professor Vidcast!

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