So, I know this is coming a bit late.  I was a bit under the weather last night, and so I didn’t get a chance to do my recording.  Currently I record the night before because I have so much going on, with my money job and then all the podcasting/vidcasting I do.  So please forgive the lateness.

Having said that, I had some fun with this recording.  As you watch, you’ll see it’s a bit different.  I’m trying a new setup because I cannot afford a certain program for recording my screen.  I ask that you let me know what you think, whether it’s better or worse than the previous setup.  If you liked my previous way of doing things, I’ll try and do a drive through Patreon to get the funds to buy the program.  But, if you like this way, then I may just keep it going like this.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Watercolor… Airbrush… So Many Options

I had hoped to finish the tools this week.  But, the watercolor and airbrush had so many options, so I figured I would keep the video shorter by focusing on those two.

And even with that, I feel like I need more time.

ArtRage for the iPad continues to amaze me in it’s abilities, and I’ve owned the program for over a year now.  And of course, no different today.  I hadn’t used the airbrush that much, but after messing with it for this tutorial, I will be.

So sit back, and enjoy another Theatre Professor Vidcast!

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