Enjoy this video my friends.  It is the last we shall see for a while in regards to ArtRage for the iPad.  It is time to journey forward, and play with new tools.

But before we let it ride into the sunset, I want to take you on a journey of texture.  Texture can help create wonderful effects in regards to your artworks.

And ArtRage for the iPad  is no different than real world media.  You have choices, and you have ways of mixing and matching those choices.

Paper, Paper, Everywhere!

It is not only the medium you use, but the object that you apply the medium to.  How does the watercolor flow along the paper?  Do the gooves of the canvas fill with oil paint, or are there open pores for the audience to see?

These different textural effects can enhance your finished piece.  They can bring a flat, boring piece to life, allowing all dimensions to shine.  In this tutorial we go over some ways to use the textures to create pieces that are fuller and more lifelike.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy another Theatre Professor Vidcast.

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