There is something magical about visiting a new city, seeing a new place. I’m currently sitting in a hotel room across from MetLife Stadium, admiring the view of downtown New York City. You would think that a theatre professor and practitioner of 20+ years would have, at some point, visited the home of Broadway.

And you’d be wrong.

Sometimes, though, I get lucky and get to be close to places that should be visited.  And I think to myself, today, today I will visit that place. You think of all the amazing things you could do and would want to do. The places you’d visit. The memories you’d make.

Then reality pulls you back and you realize that won’t be happening this weekend. And you focus on the things you can do. Meet with people.  Work on conference planning. Quick tidbits that take no time, but can still be rewarding.

Sometimes Creativity is Simple

Today we officially hit day 2 of my 30 Days of Creativity. After sitting in a car for 6 hours, then attending dinner and meetings, and then having sleep start to creep behind my eyelids, I knew that today’s bit of creativity had to be simple. But simple doesn’t mean boring. Simple doesn’t mean aesthetically unpleasing.

Simple means simple.

I kept looking out the window tonight, staring at that skyline and knew exactly what I wanted to do. So I set up my tripod, tossed my handy Canon T5i up top, and turned off all the lights. As I began to snap pictures, the silence surrounding me in my hotel room, I understood what it meant to be simple. To be primal. To capture the basic beauty of a night filled with shining lights.

And I smiled.

There is a joy in creating an image through photography that is hard to explain. Capturing a moment. A second in time. Holding onto a memory. That’s what photography is. And I managed to do that without worrying about whether I was putting enough effort into it. I focused on the simplicity.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Those three words are constantly in the back of my mind when I create something. Don’t feel guilty about whether I have put enough effort into a piece. Or don’t feel guilty about whether the piece is good enough.  Or don’t feel guilty about the “value” of the piece.

Just don’t feel guilty.

And so I give you tonight a simple piece. A photograph that will forever stay with me. My first in-person view of the New York City skyline.  I took the photography.  Cropped the photograph.  IEdited the photograph.

And it was worth it.

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