ArtRage Tutorial 7 – It’s All About The Paper

Enjoy this video my friends. It is the last we shall see for a while in regards to ArtRage for the iPad. It is time to journey forward, and play with new tools.

But before we let it ride into the sunset, I want to take you on a journey of texture. Texture can help create wonderful effects in regards to your artworks.

And ArtRage for the iPad is no different than real world media. You have choices, and you have ways of mixing and matching those choices.

iPad ArtRage Tutorial 4 – Pens, Pencils and Paint, Oh My!

This week we move from the simple tools of crayons and chalk sticks, to the complicated world of ink pens and pencils. Alright, you got me there, pencils are not all that complicated.

But they are a ton of fun to work with.

When it comes to art, most of us tend to sketch out our ideas. And two of the three tools this week will help with that sketching.

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