The new Photoshop CC update has me excited. Truthfully, I work in a variety of digital painting programs. This is no different than working with different real-world media. Sometimes I want to work in watercolor, other times in color pencil. I find that each digital painting program brings something different to the table.

And sometimes I just get moody and want to play with different things.

Kyle Brushes to Photoshop

So the excitement for me is that Adobe has hired Kyle Webster. I have read the tweets and posts. There are definitely two reactions to this news. Some love it. Others despise it. I tend to fall on the side of thinking this is pretty great. If you haven’t check out my posts dealing with Kyle’s brushes, you can do so HERE and HERE. I’ve been enjoying his work for a couple of years now. Now his brushes are free as part of the Adobe CC subscription. Which means that you get hundreds of natural media brushes to use in Photoshop whenever you’d like.

Some people are worried that Kyle won’t be as prolific as he has been. I am not one of those people. I think he’ll continue creating, just as he always has. But now he has a corporation backing and financing his work. Which is exciting.

With that, today’s video is more of a chat with you then an in-depth look at these brushes. Those videos will come with time. So for now, enjoy!


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