It’s Day 7 of my 10 Days of Creativity.  We head back to digital art with a tree ornament motif.  There is something magical about an ornament hanging on a tree.  And so I was inspired today to create it in Photoshop.  Enjoy.

What is This?

If you didn’t catch my latest video on YouTube, I am partaking in what I have termed my 10 Days of Creativity.  There is so much going on in the world today, so rather than dwell too much on it, I thought I’d expand my mind and share some fun creative products for everyone. Each day I’ll be uploading a video or sharing some sort of creative project.  It can be anythings, from the written word to an art piece.  All I know is that each item will be creative and fun. And I’m going to try and not stress out about them.

Join in the Creativity

While I’m at it, why don’t you join me in this adventure.  Whenever you read this post or watch the video, start your 10 days of creativity.  Have fun and appreciate what goes in to being creative.  But I want you to promise me one thing. DON’T judge what you create. This is the artists worst enemy.  Some people will not like what you’ve created.  They will think it’s terrible and will probably voice their opinions.  But that’s the best part.  It’s there opinion.  Everyone has certain likes and dislikes, and we cannot control what other people like.

Share Your Work

Don’t forget to share your work.  I’ll be doing it here and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can post yours in the comments each day, or merely post it privately for friends and family to enjoy.  No matter what though, get it out there. Let’s share our love for creativity with the world!

Tree Ornament

Enjoy the final version, and remember to right click to download.

Tree and Ornament

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