I finally had some time to just sit and sketch.  Not a lot of time as we were busy cutting down our Christmas tree and setting it up in the living room.  We’ll full decorate on Friday, and then of course I’ll share some photos.  There is something magical about decorating a Christmas tree.  But I digress.

Sitting and sketching without worry of the clock is probably one of the most magical things.  We live in such a hurried up world today that the chance to let your mind go and really explore things seems to have been forgotten.  So I appreciate every moment I have when it comes to free sketching.

So enjoy this little dude who I sketched and inked today.  Not a finished product, but definitely some creativity!


Hi there, Terry here. I love working on the Digital Painter site and making videos and art along with you. When I started this site back in 2014, I had no idea how far it would come, or how much it would change. I have loved every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Over the years I have handled all the financial details involved with the website myself.

But now I need your help.

This is a passion and love of mine, so the website will continue to grow as long as I love art and the time to make it happen, but your support can help enhance it.  Stop over to our Patreon page and think about tossing a dollar or two our way.  The money we make goes back into the website, covering hosting fees, website fees, etc. along with allowing us to purchase prizes for the giveaways we do.

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