Digital watercolor.  Sometimes I think it’s a myth.  I can replicate parts of it in a multitude of programs.  But Photoshop watercolor has always eluded me.

Until now.

Kyle Webster is a master at Photoshop brushes.  I came across his brushes while looking to create some effect on some of my digital photography.  And I will admit, I’ve fallen in love.

Digital Watercolor That Feels Real

My major problem in all digital watercolor ventures has been that it’s hard to create the feeling.  And yes, I mean feeling.  There is an emotion that goes along with watercolor, and if it’s not there it feels fake and flat.

Kyle’s watercolor brush set though has a liveliness to it.  A playfulness.  Now, understand there is a certain amount skill needed for it to get just that right look.  But with a bit of practice, it should come together pretty easy.

So if you can, give them a try.  You can find his website at and his brushes for sale at  And if you do use them, let me know what you like about them in the comments below.

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