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Introduction and General Weeks Events

Welcome back once again to The Digital Painter Podcast.  Yep, I’m bringing back the podcast, as I miss the simplicity of it, and had spoken to a few people who questioned why I only had two episodes.  But I’m a bit more focused now on how to run a podcast, so let’s get started.

My current art production includes a robot and lighthouses.  Both of these things are favorites of mine.  And of course, constant practice on figure drawing.  You can check out for a great reference site.

Main Topic – Importance of Reference Photos

Our main topic centers on reference photos.  Though I wrote a post a couple years back dealing with reference photos, I thought it was time to talk about them, and go a bit more in depth about their uses.  Of course live references are best.  But we can’t always have live references available.

I chat about how to use them, when to use them, and why you use them.

Artist Highlight

Our artist highlight this week is Taryn Knight who often goes by taryndraws on her social media sites.  Whimsical and fun, Taryn is an exceptional digital artist with a great personal style.  Check out her work here:

Questions and Answers

As this is the first week back with the podcast, of course I have no questions to answer.  But if you have something you want to know, either send me an email at or tweet @ADigitalPainter with the #paintponders in the message.

Leave Me a Question or Feedback

I’m always happy to hear from you about what I talk about on The Digital Painter Podcast.  So feel free to leave me a message through one of the following ways:

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