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Starting Anew

The past year has been both chaotic and refreshing. A year ago I was preparing to start the semester as the only theatre faculty at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. Only 365 days later and I am living in a new city, in a new state, in a purchased house at a brand new dining room table. I begin a new semester in September with multiple theatre faculty and a few more students.

And I’ve never felt more creative!

It seems things are finally on the right track. I needed a change. A fresh perspective. Something to incite the senses and bring about a new experience. I had gotten stale. Boring. I wasn’t moving forward. I was static. And being static, stationary, can have negative consequences. It can hold you back. And it can totally ruin your creativity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know I needed this change until it happened. But there were hints.

Less Art, More Stress

I look back on this past year and I realized how little art I did. How little creative endeavors I pursued. I was constantly working. Trying to make ends meet and not really enjoying the day to day. I was always planning to do something, but never actually did them. I’d make notes. I’d put it in the calendar. And then I’d forget about it, or get too busy, or just not have the energy.

And it made my creative senses dull. I hated it, hated how I felt, hated how I never was satisfied.

I knew I had to change, but how?

Unexpected Changes

So now I’ve been in my new city for about 3 weeks. With my better half we have been unpacking and prepping the house. And I’ve begun making changes to better fulfill my sense of creative desire.

  • I’ve started keeping a journal. I’m testing out multiple apps, but currently am focusing on Day One. It recently changed to a subscription plan, but you can use the lite version for free. I’m going to keep notes on everything.
  • I’m de-teching myself. Limiting the type of notifications I get on my iPad and iPhone. I want to move back to being more in the moment. Having said that, I love photography. As such, I’ll continue to pop out my phone and take pictures. But I think technology is starting to overrun me. And it’s time for a change.
  • I’m focusing on my health, both mental and physical. I realized lately that when I feel good, I’m more creative.
  • I’m focusing on my family. With kids getting older, I want to experience all the highs and lows that come along with it.
  • I’m going to enjoy my art again.

I’m hoping that this will both excite and inspire me once again. There was a time that I’d just sit down and sketch without thinking about it. With so much going on in our lives today, I had forgotten about it.

But I’m back!

And better than ever!

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