If you’ve used Photoshop at all, you know that the Selection Tool can be a saviour. Being able to select an area, then adjust it as need be, is part of what makes digital painting so strong. Procreate has had selection in their app for some time, but you’ve always had to trace around an item to create the selection. There was no magic wand type tool that you have in desktop apps.

Until now! (I know, cheesy, but fun.)

Automatic Selection With A Click

With just a tap of your finger now, you can select entire sections with fairly strong accuracy. It’s not perfect. And can drive you crazy at times. But with practice, it makes selecting, and then painting, single areas so much easier.

Now, it doesn’t replace the reference layer. That tool is still important, especially if you’re doing large fills. But if you’re needing to select an area within an area, that’s where it starts to show it’s strength.  For example, if I’ve started shading an area, and I only want the darker parts selected, the reference layer won’t help.

But the automatic selection will.

It takes a bit of playing with to make it work exactly how you want. There is a slider that is adjusted as you slide left and right that will adjust the threshold of the selection. And I found myself sometimes sliding too far too quickly.  But in the end, it works as advertised. And combining it with the regular selection tool will only make it more powerful.

So give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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