A new year brings a new lease on life. New organization. New everything. As I sit here on New Years Eve and type out this post at the last minute, I know that I have a lot of work ahead. But I wanted to get you all the information you need to keep up with the changes in the new year.

Social Media Changes

I love using social media. I love keeping in touch with everyone who shares my passion for art and digital art. But I currently have too many dang social media accounts. I’m simplifying. I’m going minimalist. I’m making my life simpler, so I can produce more content. So I am moving to only one Twitter handle and one Instagram handle. I had split them between two so that I could separate my digital art from my personal life.

But they are so intertwined!

So, now you can reach me at @thtrprofessor on Twitter and @thetheatreprofessor on Instagram. I expect there to be some funkiness in the transition, but in the long run, you get to know me a bit better. And’ll you see what motivates my art a bit more, including my photography and family.

Now, for those that are worried that I’m going to be overly personal or talk about contentious things, I generally don’t. Not on those two mediums. So don’t worry too much. Oh, and feel free to look back at everything from the past. Some of it is ridiculous, some of it is amazing, some of it is just plain silly.

Bullet Journal Focus

So, along with minimalizing, I’m also focusing. And yes, my art is a big reason for that. So I set up my bullet journal this evening. And it’s time to focus using plain old pen and paper. I’ve read the studies that say you tend to remember better, focus better, and work better when writing things down the old-fashioned way.

Welp, it’s time to see if that’s entirely true.

I even have a specific list for The Digital Painter in the journal. Which in the long run will “hopefully,” and yes I quote, keep me on task.

Interactions With You

Finally, I want more interactions to happen with you. The reader. The artist. The creative. Yes, I tend to talk too much. Sometimes I can be obnoxious in my videos. But what I love is seeing what other people are doing. What they are creating. And truthfully, sharing is the best way to game confidence in your artwork.

So, you’re gonna see more posts where I encourage you to join in. To post your images. To share your thoughts.

And don’t be afraid to take me to task if I’m not answering fast enough. I’ll let you know if my life got busy, or I just got lazy. But there is no excuse for laziness, so those should be fewer and far between.

Not that I’ve said all that, let’s get to the fun stuff!

January Daily Drawing Prompts

Starting this year I’ll be sharing a daily drawing prompt at the beginning of each month. I encourage you to join along and share your work on Twitter or Instagram. And don’t get discouraged if you can’t make every day. I probably won’t either. For example, I’m heading to a conference in the middle of January. I plan on keeping on task with my drawing prompts, but if I miss a day, or two or seven, I’m not going to feel bad.

Either should you. This is meant to improve your skills, not make you feel like a terrible person. So enjoy it. Sketch, and have fun! So, you probably saw the list at the top, but here it is again, just for those that need to see it more than once.


Hi there, Terry here. I love working on the Digital Painter site and making videos and art along with you. When I started this site back in 2014, I had no idea how far it would come, or how much it would change. I have loved every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Over the years I have handled all the financial details involved with the website myself.

But now I need your help.

This is a passion and love of mine, so the website will continue to grow as long as I love art and the time to make it happen, but your support can help enhance it.  Stop over to our Patreon page and think about tossing a dollar or two our way.  The money we make goes back into the website, covering hosting fees, website fees, etc. along with allowing us to purchase prizes for the giveaways we do.

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