It has been some time since I shared an Art App for the iPad.  I’ve been so focused on desktop programs that what prompted the creation of the site was iPad art applications.  So I decided it was time to jump back and share a bit of wonderful news in regards to one of the original art apps I showcased here on The Digital Painter.

I bring to you today, Procreate 3.0.

And boy, there is one big change that I’ve been hoping for since I downloaded the app two and a half years ago.

Procreate and the Straight Line

One of the biggest problems for me as a designer is that I need straight lines.  Straight lines look great when I’m creating finalized scene designs, and they are more professional looking when the director looks it over.  Only a few of the iPad apps actually had the ability to create nice straight lines.

The problem is that I love Procreate, and they didn’t have this capability.

But now they do.

As you see in the video, it’s as simple as holding your finger on the screen just a second or so longer.  Not only will it take a jagged line and straighten it, but you can also adjust where the end point lands.  So you don’t have to be super precise on the initial drawing.

This means that I can focus on the design and not worry so much about how exact I am with every single line.  I’ll have time to adjust it before I put it permanently on the digital paper.

Other Updates Too!

I know I’m focusing on only one thing, but there are a handful of other updates, or soon to be updates as well.  Including a perspective tool.  You’ll need to pay earl for that, but my hope is that it eventually comes included with the program.

So give it whirl and let me know what you think about the new Procreate!

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