This week we take a look at Procreate’s new tools for creating canvases. The old iteration of the program left much to be desired. Having come from desktop art applications, I often created presets that fit my style of painting.  I could quickly get myself set up and painting, focusing on the art, and not on the technical aspects.

And to my despair, Procreate didn’t have this originally.  But they learned, and life is now better.

Canvas Creation Easy Mode

To say they put a lot of thought into the new canvas creation would not do justice to the Procreate team.  Now I can go in and create a canvas of any size I desire (up to the limits of my iPad) and save that as a preset with a name I choose.  Then, in the future, it’s just a quick tap and I get those dimensions again.

Not only do you get to set the outside dimensions, but also the DPI of the canvas.  So if I’m doing web design work, I save a preset at 72; if it is going to be painted, then I switch it to 300.  And the size of the canvas can be adjusted by pixels, inches, and for those across the pond, millimeters and inches.

Now, the one thing I would like to do is be able to edit those presets, but as of this posting, I haven’t figured out how.  That would put this in the realm of amazing.  And would make all the mistakes I make in the canvas creation process much easier to correct.

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