When I started this website, two programs were my focus.  Procreate and ArtRage for the iPad.  Over time I have expanded out to other programs, learning them as best I can so that I can share them with you.  But I thought, with all the updates these programs go through, that I would eventually need to start all over again.

And this week we start all over again with Procreate!

Procreate, Using the Gallery

Procreate is a stunning piece of iPad software.  Simple to use, yet extremely versatile in it’s abilities.  When I first started working on the iPad, I thought the learning curve would be pretty significant.  I was wrong.  Procreate made it simple to jump right in and begin drawing.

This week we’ll start with the Procreate gallery, the place where all your images are accessible.  The updates Procreate has made make maneuvering around the gallery much simpler.  We are now into version 3.0.  And it seems not only are the commands easier to find, but the underlying engine runs smoother.

Where To Next?

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be updating all my old Procreate videos.  I’m hoping to make them cleaner, smoother and easier to understand.  When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing while creating my videos.  Well, now I do.

If there is something specific that you don’t understand in the videos, feel free to contact me through the different ways below.  I’m generally quick to answer email, and I love helping out where I can.

Leave Me a Question or Feedback

I’m always happy to hear from you about what I talk about on The Digital Painter Podcast.  So feel free to leave me a message through one of the following ways:

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