I’m always surprised when I head back to a program that I haven’t used in a while, and how much fun I have rediscovering the tools.  I’ve sat with Procreate the past week, re-familiarizing myself with everything that is possible within this little $6.00 program.

And it continues to surprise me.

The growth from the first time I used it a couple of years ago until now has been huge.

Let’s Look at Actions and Adjustments

We have finally moved out of the gallery and into the actual canvas.  Of course before we go too far, I want to look at the menu icons at the top.  When I first started using the program, there wasn’t much up there.  But now, they’ve added several options without cluttering up the interface.  This is a testament to the company who focuses on cleanliness of design and ease of use.

The first menu set is labeled as Actions.  In there you have basic tools, such as flipping your canvas, setting your preferences or inserting an image.  These are the types of tools you expect to see under the file menu of most programs.

Next up we look at the adjustments menu.  This was a huge addition for me, as it added the ability to adjust things such as hue, saturation, brightness and color balance.  These are tools that I use often on my desktop programs, that I felt was missing in Procreate.

And yet the program continues to run smooth and quick.  Though these tools add another dimension, they’re not necessarily needed, which is great for the beginner.

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