Layers. Layer settings.  Layer fun.  I have talked about layers so much in videos, in college classes, and sometimes to myself as I’m working on a piece.  I’m not sure I could live without using layers in one way or another when creating digital art.  And so it was finally time to talk about Procreate’s layers and how they can be used.

Now, this video just goes into the mechanics.  I’ll be doing another video that deals with the specifics on how to use them in art.  So if you already know a bunch about layers, then you can completely ignore this video.

Procreate’s Layer Settings – So Many Options

One of the things that excited me the most in the newest iteration of Procreate was the ability to deal with blending modes.  This is something that is fairly common in most desktop art applications, but is often overlooked in iPad based applications.  With these settings it feels like you can accomplish much more, create more professional looking pieces.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Using a number of different touch movements brings up different menus or adjusts the abilities of the layers.  For example, a two finger swipe to the right changes the layer from normal to reference layer.  If you are a comic book artist, then you will find this extremely helpful.

Overall, Procreate has one of the most robust, yet simple, layer setups.  You can easily add and merge layers, rename them, etc.  The only thing I haven’t found is the ability to group layers into folders.  Once they’ve done that I’ll be in heave.

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