One of the things I miss when working on the iPad is to quickly access tools and commands that I use often.  On my Wacom I have a variety of buttons that I can press that immediately do what I need, such as create a new layer or save the file.

This is harder to do on the iPad due to the lack of buttons.  But Procreate has figured out a way to make it work.

And it’s only a tap away.

Easier With the Quick Menu

The quick menu comes up with a quick, simple tap and hold of my finger on the screen.  I immediately have six commands at my finger tips.  What makes this even stronger is that you can change these menu items to fit the tools that you use the most.

You like a certain eraser when working with pencil and a different one when working with paints.  Then set up two of the buttons with those specific erasers.  You want to be able to quickly clear a layer that isn’t turning out how you had hoped.  Another quick touch.  You can pull this menu up at any time and anywhere on the screen.  There are no limits.

Obviously this tool can’t do everything.  You don’t have the ability to chain multiple commands together.  But when using an app like Procreate, it’s not all that necessary, as things are much easier to get to with touch.  But, Procreate, if you’re reading this, I would love to see the ability to chain commands.

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