We continue this week with Procreates top left menu items.  These are big ones that I use fairly often when working on images that will be used in my theatre scene designs as I am constantly editing the final image.

Let’s Look at Selection and Transform Tools

The ability to select parts of the image and then edit them independently of the entire image is invaluable when you have a director asking you to make adjustments in a costume design or scenic design.  In the old days, it meant that I’d have to start over the image from scratch, which could easily set me back in the shop.  But digital media allows for a bit more flexibility when working.

The selection tool is similar to the tool of the same name in Photoshop.  It allows you to mark around a part of an image and add it to the selection.  From there you can add other areas to the selection, or subtract from the selection if that is needed.

Once you have your selection, it’s all about editing that part of your image.  Whether you want to increase or decrease the size, skew, distort or even add a bit of perspective, you have those abilities but using the transform menu tool.

And of course the best part of digital is the ability to undo anything you’ve done and start again.  This allows me to minor adjustments so that the director’s ideas can come to fruition on stage.

Alright, enough talking, enjoy the video.

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