This post is not like my normal posts.  It won’t deal with tutorials. There is no video. I’m not talking directly about digital painting. Nor am I reviewing any tools. No, instead this is a personal piece. An opinion piece. An editorial piece. Call it what you like, but I had to get this down and out.

My desk is still set up. My monitors, tablet, microphone, soundboard, all of it. Not necessarily dusty, but definitely not completely clean. Three months ago I put up a video. Just before Christmas, I posted a video on ArtRage 5, a fantastic program that has now officially released. Then it all went quiet. Life kept moving on. But so much changed that I didn’t have time to update this site. Or do much digital art at all. So, let’s backtrack.

The Semester Ends

I finished the fall semester, teaching an overload and being the only full-time theatre faculty at my institution. I thought I could handle it. To a certain extent I did. I managed to stay alive, get through the classes, get through the theatre production and still manage family time. Family is important to me, so I always make time for soccer, or band or any other event the kids or better half want to take part in. But with all this, I felt over-worked, tired, and didn’t feel like doing anything outside of my daily duties.

So, it was time for a change. I position opened up at the college that my former colleague left for the previous year. He was hiring a designer/technical director. The department was larger, with more faculty, which would mean that I would not feel so over-worked. The size of the institution was only slightly larger, which was good for me, as I prefer smaller institutions. And come to find out, the pay would be significantly more. Chance had it that I was already doing a design for this institution, as they didn’t have a designer, and that show would open in February. So, if I played my cards right, I could be working there by August.

So I put in my application, and it was time to wait. All of this before the end of the year.

2017 Starts with a Bang

Almost immediately in the new year, I had a conference in New Jersey. I am the webmaster for this organization, so of course, it was a filled conference of meetings, workshops, and running around. Returning from the conference I had one week to prepare for the upcoming semester. And in this time I had to create the content for a course I’ve never taught before. I worked daily to prep for Scenography, which included digital painting, and felt prepared as classes started. Unfortunately, though I felt prepared, I was terribly mistaken. There were adjustments, the reworking of projects, rethinking of how I wanted to present the information.

Then I found out I had an interview at the college I applied to. So I had to be away from campus that weekend, and two weekends later when I was teching the production of Rumors by Neil Simon that I had designed. Then, the following two weeks were filled with a student capstone performance before leaving for Lexington, KY for my second conference of the semester. All of this happened in February.

And the exhaustion crept in again.

Finally Feeling Normal

This past week has been spring break. I’ve rested a bit. I’ve worked a bit. I’ve caught up on grading and class preparation. And about that job, well, I got it. The family moves in July, and I get to be at an institution that has multiple faculty members in the same department. To say I am excited is an understatement.

And I’m finally feeling normal again. I’m feeling creative again. I’m feeling less burdened.

I still have a lot to do this semester. I will push through as best I can. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And so the Digital Painter is back. I’ll be working on a release schedule for videos this week. And I think I’ll be posting more blogs, as I miss writing.

So thank you. Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for supporting the website. And thank you for your positivity.


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