Practice Makes Perfect



And the reboot of the podcast has begun with an episode on practice.  Welcome to episode 001 of the Digital Painter Podcast.  If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, have no worry.  It’s easy to do.  Hit play on the button above, and the podcast will begin.  And while you’re listening, why don’t you take some time to sketch a bit.

See, that’s what I love about podcasts.  You can listen to them while doing other things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating video tutorials and blogging.  But when you’re enjoying those, you need to focus on the blog or tutorial at hand.

Not so with podcasts.  With podcasts it’s all about listening while you do something else.

So enjoy the first podcast of many to come, and let me know what you think.

Practice Makes Perfect

And with my inaugural podcast, I decided to focus on something people might consider mundane.  Practice, but more importantly finding time to practice daily.  We all have the ability to draw.  Trust me, I’ve been teaching students to paint and draw since the first day I became a college professor.  And many of them have told me that can’t draw.

But you do need to practice.  And practice a lot.  I still practice as much as I can.  See, I’m not what you would term as a natural artist.  Some people have that natural ability, others do not.  I had to work myself up from stick figures to finally being able to produce full renderings for theatre designs.

And today I share some thoughts with you.

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