The past tutorials have generally dealt with how to use the program, the tools, and the settings.  Hopefully by this time you have a pretty good handle on the program, so it’s time to work on actually creating some pieces.

This time around we take a look at a question posed to me via email.  Can we recreate the Bob Ross method of wet on wet painting.

Yes, Yes We Can!

It took some time playing around, a little bit of research, and a finally just trying things that didn’t seem intuitive to me.

But I finally figured it out.

Now, understand, it’s not perfect.  When working digitally you often times have to try different ways of working to achieve something that might be simple in natural media.  Other times you might use a tool in a way you would never used in the physical world.  But the goal is to create exactly what is on your mind, so I encourage you to try out different methods in ArtRage until you get the product you desire.

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