Theatre is Work

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I have been doing theatre for 20 years now.  And I love my profession.  But truth is, people don’t fully understand the amount of work that goes into theatre.  In fact many people believe all I do most days is “play.”

Well, I took to a little bit of a rant this week, explaining that theatre is more work than you might actually think.

Theatre is Work

I read an article recently that dealt with 20 things you should never say to a creative.  And then it popped up again on my facebook timeline.  I felt like the cosmos was telling me to talk about how working in the theatre is actually work, and not all the fun that some people think it is.

Some of the items in the article included statements like:

  • I bet it doesn’t even feel like work.
  • You’re not busy right now, are you?
  • I wish I could make my own schedule like that.
  • Can you give me a deal because we’re friends?
  • All you did was draw/paint, etc. all day.
  • It must be fun to just do theatre all day.
  • You’ll get great exposure.

These statements never sit well with me.  And they shouldn’t with you.  They are helping with the deterioration of the arts.  So, though I don’t go on a rant often, this weeks podcast comes off as a bit rantish.  So enjoy, at your peril.

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