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Things are changing ever so slightly with The Theatre Professor!  We will be increasing the number of interviews that occur on the podcast!  Yeppers, I’m already in process of setting up my next interview, and have another couple of people in mind for future interviews.  I’ve wanted to increase my interview podcasts for a while now, but never really had the time.  With the upcoming semester break, I thought it would be the perfect time to record several so that I can have a backup of interview podcasts to release over the next year.

I am looking for more people to interview.  If you are an artist, digital artist, or theatre practicitioner, I want to hear from you.  Stop by and fill out the short application form.

Twentieth Episode

Thank you to all those that have, and will continue, following me on this journey.  When I started the website, I had no idea what would become of it.  My first dream was that I would find a small niche, and have a small amount of visitors who would stop by, enjoy the content and leave.  Instead, what I found was a community of people who enjoy art, digital art, theatre and education as much as I do.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to be able to talk to others from around the world about their art and how they are creating it in this digital age.

My Four Inspirational Guides When I Feel Blocked

  • Stop Forcing It and Find Something Else to Do
    • This is probably the most important thing that I do when I hit a rut or a block.  And it’s something I need to force myself to do more of.  I like to walk.  Honestly, I don’t walk enough.  I wish I had someone to hold me accountable, but I don’t.  I do know that when I do go for a walk, it loosens up my creativity.  It frees my mind a bit.  It is my something else when I get stuck.  Currently, when I can, I walk around the lake that sits near our house on the campus of the college.  It’s quiet, and generally empty of people.  And I get to watch the sun, or clouds glisten off the lake.  It is a destresser and relaxer.  When I am done I can come back to whatever problem I was running into with a fresh mind.  So try to find something else to do when you get stuck.
  • Browse Other Peoples Works
    • I love looking at other people’s art.  What other people are doing inspires me to work even harder on my own projects.  I remember very distinctly when I was in graduate school.  I had no inspiration for a model of a set I was working on.  I knew I had to get it done, but I didn’t feel any connection to it so I kept putting it off.  Well, I sat down at the compute and started perusing other people’s models.  They were amazing.  The work and detail that went into these pieces were incredible.  It inspired me to work even harder on my model.  I wanted to become as good as they were, and I knew that it was only going to happen if I focused and practiced.  To this day, when I get stuck on a model, I do some research to look at other people’s work.  And I think to myself, I can do that type of work if I put my mind to it.
  • Study Nature
    • I suppose this could go along with finding something else to do, but I wanted to put this in it’s own category.  There is something about watching a tree.  I know, bizarre, right.  But There are some trees in our backyard.  Evergreens.  And I can just sit and watch them sway in the wind.  During the summer I will sometimes sit out there and watch them, waiting for the birds to duck in and out from the branches.  Nature has some sort of power.  There is a beauty that resonates with me, and I would venture to guess it resonates with others as well.  So when you get stuck, go and look at a flower, or watch a squirrel run across the lawn.  You’d be surprised what might give you some ideas.
  • Books…
    • Read them.  Read them a lot.  Currently I am in the middle of reading some World of Warcraft novels.  Yes, indeed, I am a gamer.  But much of what I love about the game is the story, the lore.  In fact I even run a lore based podcast.  But part of the reason I read them is because it inspires me.  The story, the fantasy, it gives me ideas, allows my creativity to run wild.  I’ve loved reading since I was young.  One of my favorite books was, and is, Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.  Its a wonderful book and i read it many times when I was in elementary school.  But the reason I bring it up is that inspired me at the time to write.  I was young and I started writing.  Mainly poetry, and probably pretty horrible, but I wrote.  So look at books as a possible inspiration for your art.



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