I remember my first experience with watercolor in graduate school.  I immediately though, “This is the worst medium in the world.”  Low and behold, 15 years later, watercolor is now my favorite medium to use.  I love the freedom of the colors running across the paper.  And the liveliness as the white shines through.

But how do we recreate that in the digital world?

Well, you have to control it.

But Watercolor is Free Flowing!

I know, I know, this is the antithesis of how we use watercolor in the real world.  The drips and splatters often times created by accident give it personality.  In the digital world we have to manual add those drips and spatters.

Which, is kinda cool.

It means those happy accidents can be purposeful and enhance our works.  No more waiting till your done to see if that blob of paint is going to work in the overall composition.

So grab the free trial of ArtRage and enjoy another Theater Professor vidcast!

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