I’ve been doing theatre for almost 20 years now.  And it 20 years you tend to pain a lot of drops.  One of the earliest techniques of drop painting I learned was how to grid out my reference picture, whether it was a paint elevation or photograph, and transfer to a grid mapped out on the drop on the floor.  Our goal in theatre is to create on stage what the designer created in renderings and models.  And a grid allows us to come as close as possible to realizing the designer’s idea.

And ArtRage allows us to do that same exercise within the program itself.

A Practice in Matching

I want you to understand that this should be used to help train you as you learn how to draw.  This is not necessarily what you should do with every image you create.  Though the grid method does wonders in recreating someone else’s work, it doesn’t allow for your own creativity to blossom.

But as an exercise, it is helpful, especially if you are brand new to drawing.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of the Theatre Professor vidcast!

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