It was many years ago that I first dabbled with a drafting program called Autocad.  Sitting there in the graduate design studio, I fumbled through a variety of line commands to create theatrical drafting and very rough three-dimensional models.

Fast forward 15 years and suddenly I am using another product by Autodesk to create perspective sketches for theatrical productions.

Welcome to Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro for the Desktop!

A Focus on Digital Painting

One of the ways I look at Sketchbook Pro is that it’s Photoshop without all the photo editing complications.  Sketchbook truly is a digital painting program, focused on creating clean, smooth renderings and doing it quickly.

Early this year as I worked on Addams Family, I needed to quickly put together perspective sketches which I would then finish rendering in ArtRage.  I tested out Corel Painter first, but didn’t have the cash to buy it.  Instead, I bought Sketchbook Pro at a much cheaper price and have loved it since.

So enjoy the first in a series that will cover Sketchbook Pro for the Desktop![/fusion_text]

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