If you’re coming here from Sketchbook Pro Tutorial 1, wonderful, as we’ll be moving forward.  If this is your first video on the website, I encourage you to jump back to part 1 so that you get the full experience.

Now that I’ve got that out-of-the-way, it’s time to talk about tools.  The things we use to create our art!

Less Natural, More Digital

Some people will love this, others will hate it, but Sketchbook Pro really feels like a different medium than anything in the natural world.  Even the pencil tool has its own style, not really reminisce of an real pencil.  This may be good or bad, depending on who you talk to.  Some people really likes this style of digital painting and can create awesome pieces of art.  Others want to feel like they’re using an real pencil.

Me?  Well, I use Sketchbook Pro as a sketching and lining tool.  The lines are clean and pretty and that makes the final product look professional.  As you watch, let me know what you think about the style that Sketchbook Pro has created.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy another episode of The Theatre Professor Vidcast.

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